It has been a long time since I began going to this school, since then me and summer have always sat together, I have had the biggest birthday party in my entire life, at a bowling alley!  I was really looking forward to Halloween, because no one can see my face, so no one notices me.  I was planning to go as Boba Fett, but then I heard that Julian was going as him to, so on Halloween I switch my costume to the bleeding scream, when I got to class I decided to sit next to Julian because he didn’t notice me with my costume on and he was expecting a Boba Fett costume, I overheard him talking with Jack.  It turns out Jack isn’t really my friend, he was just told to be nice to me and made to sit next to me, I felt really sick after that, I went to bathroom and cried for a long time.  I felt so sad and angry.  I even felt betrayed how could he do this to me!  I told the nurse I was sick and I got to go home, I was so sad, I didn’t even go trick or treating.  


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