I have been going to school for about a month now, and every day I like it more and more.  I am starting to feel like I fit in, no one is scared of me like they used to be although they still whisper to each other when I walk by.  That doesn’t bother me though I have gotten used to people treating me like that.  I like school now, Jack and me are really good friends; Jack and I do everything together and when we talk about my face I don’t feel embarrassed like I usually do when people talk about me; and I am making friends with this girl called Summer, I like her she doesn’t seem to care about my disfigurements, she makes me feel almost ordinary.  Even though I like school it is really hard, I never have any free time anymore, there is always a test to study for or homework to do, it is really tough, I have never had so much to do in my life, it is overwhelming me.  I feel trapped, I have no free time and school is very stressful, but I like school because of my friends and all the new opportunities and I don’t want to give up my chance to fit in.  


One thought on “Wonder 1.1

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