My name is August, Jack, Julian, and Charlotte were showing me around the school and to be honest I have never been to a real school before, so I don’t know half of the things like Charlotte had to explain what homeroom is to me.  She seems to be the nicest of the three, jack and Julian never look at me, which is fine with me because I don’t want to look at them either, but Charlotte makes me feel welcome the way she actually looks at me when she talks to me and how she smiles when she talks, it makes me feel good and not worry about how I look.  Charlotte seems like a nice girl the way she kept talking and explaining everything to me.  Julian seems like one of those normal people he kept staring, which made me feel uncomfortable.  Charlotte kept encouraging me even when Julian tried to discourage me.  The experience so far was mixed, i hoped more people would be like Charlotte instead of Julian.  Jack didn’t seem to care at all, which I liked because in a long time this was the first someone just didn’t seem to care about me at all, even how I look, it made me feel ordinary, i liked that a lot.  When Jack told me Julian was a jerk i wasn’t that surprised, because he seemed rude and not just to me but to everyone but especially to me, for example when I corrected his grammar he tried to scare me, I really don’t like him; and Jack seemed to not care how I looked, almost like he didn’t even notice it, which made me feel very good inside.  After Julian did that to me I wanted to leave it was a little to scary with just the 3 of them, luckily mom understood so were gone within the minute.  After we got home I was really looking forward to going to school, maybe i would make some new friends, I was really excited.  When I got to school I was really nervous  what if everyone laughed at me, but I was also excited for the new experience.  During Homeroom the teacher made me feel welcome her smile seemed real, not like those fake smiles everyone else gives me.  All the kids seemed scared of me except Charlotte an Jack they even talked to me and Jack sat down next to me, although no one else would.  Julian seems like a teachers pet to me, always saying what the teacher wants to hear, but I know that on the inside he is mean.  He even made a mean Star Wars reference about me.  


2 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. A good start Mattias, you empathise with August maturely nad with reference to the events of the chapter. There is still work to do with your revision process – read back and edit what you have posted.

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